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Manual SEO Vs SEO software

Manual SEO Vs SEO software
So the choice of the right vehicle to drive your site to the top spot is very much important for running online business. Basically there are two ways to get the higher rank in the search engines results, optimizing your site manually or with the help of SEO tools. Consequently there are two clashing camps of folks, who support the former and the latter variants of website optimization.

Generally there are lots of controversy about the SEO software and its effectiveness. Some say that , the SEO softwares improve your search rankings and helps you to get a guaranteed number one placement in search results. But others object that, saying that SEO software is totally useless and manual optimization is the only way to go. Moreover they even put forward the arguments that SEO tools can get your website banned and buying these software is just draining money down the pipe.

Difference between Manual SEO and SEO tools:

There are some irrefutable advantages of SEO software over manual ways of search engine optimization. Nowadays users can find a lot of really great SEO tools that make the complicated process of website optimization a lot easier. SEO software can make your site ride high and your on-line sales skyrocket without great pains and efforts.

Good SEO software is an essential tool in the process of gathering and analyzing the data you need to plan and shape your SEO strategy and tactics. Doing that by hand is quite time-consuming and not always effective. SEO tools are irreplaceable when it comes to collecting and breaking up the data or monitoring the process of site optimization.

Another great advantage of SEO tools is that they automate some fagging tasks such as link popularity monitoring, rank checking, backlink checking, reporting etc. Doing those monkey-job tasks by hand is like looking for a needle in a bundle of hay and you may end up being totally lost in that flow of data. And if you are doing SEO on a large scale, using purely manual methods of website optimization is no way possible.

SEO can help the users to fill their sites with search engine friendly content to look delectable to the eyes of search engines spiders and crawlers. Besides advanced SEO tools streamline the process of SEO. They can perform some tasks simultaneously and even run them on autopilot. This feature make the SEO software as extremely user-friendly and contribute to overall effectiveness and success of an SEO process.

One important use of SEO software is that even the new users those who are not having proficiency in the SEO, also will never meet the risk of getting banned, because of black hat optimization. Because by making use of the search-engine-friendly SEO software you will never break the rules and regulations and avoid unethical presentation of content to search engine spiders and the internet users.

So it's your choice to decide whether to sweat over your site optimization, and spend sleepless nights on doing daunting humdrum tasks manually, or to take advantage of the latest SEO software and focus on your business. 

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