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Using the 'SEO Pressor' WordPress SEO Plugin - Top Tips

Using the 'SEO Pressor' WordPress SEO Plugin - Top Tips
SEOPressor is a WordPress SEO Plugin which analyses your pages/posts and reports on your Search Engine Optimisation by giving a percentage score and recommendations for improvement. This makes it a highly desirable WordPress SEO Plugin if you are serious about getting your pages and posts highly optimised to achieve high search engine rankings.

This on page SEO is important because what you are doing is making sure that the search engines understand that your content is highly relevant to the keyword you are targeting. It has been argued that off page SEO (i.e. link building) is more important and it is true that off page factors do have a greater weighting in deciding where to list a page but on page SEO is the foundation of all your SEO activities. If you do it well you will, in effect, be able to get your site ranked with less backlinks than if you do it badly. As on page SEO is under your control you may as well do it properly particularly when you can get a good WordPress SEO plugin to help.

To get the most out of the SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin you should:

Use one keyword per page/post

The WordPress SEO Plugin is built to do this and it keeps things simple as you only have one keyword to consider. This approach also makes it easier to produce good content for the visitor while still being search engine optimised.

Always include a relevant graphic

This makes your page or post more attractive to the eye and breaks up the text. For SEO purposes putting the keyword in the Alternative Text field is a major benefit.

Don't get too obsessed with Keyword Density

It is generally considered that the keyword density should be in the range 2-4% (the SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin will calculate this for you). Higher than this may be considered to be "keyword stuffing" and have a negative effect. However, sometimes it is difficult to achieve even 2% and it is not worthwhile forcing this at the expense of producing unreadable content.

Try to write with SEO in mind

It is quite annoying to produce great content for you visitors only for the SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin to give it a low score. You then have to rewrite it which will probably take longer that it did to write it in the first place. It is therefore a good idea to look at the points SEOPressor reports on a blank post then try to write with these in mind.

Think of SEOPressor as a training tool

When you first use this WordPress SEO Plugin you will inevitably have to spend time correcting pages/posts but this teaches you what you need to do. From my own experience it is surprising how quickly you start getting it right in the first place.

This WordPress SEO plugin is of great help with getting pages ranked and a time saver in checking on page SEO. Article Source

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